Rosemary Gabourie

Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters
Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3


Authentic Messages from the Masters


BOOK 1, BOOK 2, & BOOK 3

Paperback | $ 10.99 / book



“Many people panic and worry about what others will say about their choices. Do not despair and waste time on this as everything is meant to be just the way it is. The choices you make is for your path not for someone else to judge.”

“People will always have questions. Out of ignorance comes knowledge, for as more people come forth in the light, ignorance will not be necessary as ignorance is also fear of the unknown. We hold ourselves back from ourselves. Why? Perhaps due to our own ignorance and fears of what will happen as we change to more of what society needs to relieve this world universe to what it has always been.”

“Sometimes people don’t realize what they have been given and continue to look to the outside where they only find the trivial. They fail to become aware of who they really are and this prolongs the journey. We are all given free choice to decide what we do in this life. How much easier and better would it be if people would follow their hearts instead of what they think society approves of.”


“Do not wait to see what the outcome of a decision is going to be, but have faith it is meant to be. People are trying to make too much out of what appeared in the past. Why? Because then they don’t have to deal with the present. This trickery of the human condition is not a wise way to conduct life; for your journey becomes long and arduous for no reason, but lack of wisdom and understanding of the real truth in life. Remember this when you recognize the beginning of what appears to be answers at hand. Take from this the lessons needed for your journey and discard the useless trivia bantered about in idleness.”

“Be aware as you travel through life’s journey, the glow love brings to all life, animate and inanimate. For this is the way home. Go and reach out to the skies of all lands as one. Know love is the answer to all things that are put in a path of distraction, only to be blessed by the truth of the purity when love is present.”


“One simple word can have such an impact on the future and the goals of those who look for answers to whatever the issue of the day is. Take care that the word you utter is one for the benefit of what is right and just. Do not think this is a frivolous message, for there have been many well-intended words that have caused great strife when spoken in an intent of ill-will or negligence in itself. If people would only look and understand the outcome of their words, they would not be so free with them.”

“Give to others your wisdom and to those who doubt, have a space in the distance so they can find their way to what is needed for their own journey. It makes no difference anyway, what they have to offer up as a criticism. It is only the fear and ignorance of not understanding the concept of soul gifts and spirit messages. This is only a way to prevent what they perceive as a threat, for they do not know who they are let alone how to relate to life’s trials and tribulations on their own.”