Rosemary Gabourie

Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters
Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3

About the Author

Rosemary Gabourie

Rosemary Gabourie

Rosemary Gabourie was born in Weston, Ontario. She is the youngest of eight siblings. She has built her foundation in business through her family’s tourism business.

In 1997, Rosemary started channeling the Ascended Masters. Just like many other metaphysicals, she has also gone through a period of illness, which made her physically unable to work. Although it was a difficult time in her life, Rosemary found herself thankful that she was still capable of writing.

The first piece that Rosemary wrote was called “Never Regret the Past,” which can be found in her first book, Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters Book 1. She did not write it on her own; she did it with the guidance of the Masters. It was automatic writing. She didn’t know how she wrote the words automatically on paper as she received their message.

After this experience, she developed mediumship skills as with like-minded ones in a meditation group. She has been receiving messages from the Masters and still continues to receive them up to this day. She transcribes these messages into her books.

Rosemary offers her valuable gift to others, through messages and psychometry. As she is on a journey of spiritual growth, she believes that her purpose in life is to share the wisdom that she has and she will acquire from the Masters. She takes pleasure in sharing messages of love, hope, joy, and many more, with all the people who are searching for their truths in life.